About Us

Attic Space Games is a small, Independent Game Studio located in Dallas, Texas.

Our first game, Super Kitty Catch is available on the App Store and Google Play Store Now!

Our second game, TesserActive, is currently in development for PC, Mac, and Linux!

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Email us at development at atticspacegames dot com

Attic Space Games is:
Garrett S. Bacak
Art, Design, and Programming
Garrett S. Bacak:
Hello, All! I'm Garrett Bacak, the Artist, Designer, and Programmer. I graduated from the Ringling College of Art + Design in May of 2014. My favorite game mechanics are Platforming, Puzzles, and Rhythm. Some of my favorite games include Galaga, Ratchet and Clank, Mirrors Edge, and Saints Row the Third. Besides Video Games, I also play Guitar and make music using FL Studio. I also have a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of Futurama.

Brad Thompson:
Hi everyone! I'm Brad Thompson, the Sound Designer, Composer, and Assistant Game Designer. I'm a self taught musician and have been writing and producing music for nearly 7 years. I've also been playing games nearly my entire life, some of my favorites being Earthbound, Dark Souls, StarCraft, and the Battlefield series. I enjoy all types of music ranging from Classic Rock to Blues, Rap, Reggae, Electronic, and everything in between.
Brad Thompson
Sound FX, Music, and Assist. Game Design