Discover the mysteries within the Aacmotzz Research Facility!

Deep in the outer reaches of a far away galaxy, the Aacmotzz Quantum Physics and 5th Dimensional Research Facility has suddenly gone very quiet.
The scientists, who lived and worked there, have not been heard from for weeks.

What happened on Aacmotzz?

Where are the Scientists?

What did they create?

That's what Quintessa "Tess" Schwarzschild and Alesia "Zeph" Zephaniah of theStarship Admetus are here to find out.
As members of the Lower Quadrant Scientific Salvage Team, they are tasked with retrieving the Scientists research data from the seemingly abandoned facility.

What, or whom, will they find?

Find Out.

TesserActive is a Story-Rich, 2D Puzzle Platformer with a unique "Tessering" mechanic.
Press the Tesser button to teleport yourself to the opposite side of the screen.
Solve puzzles, dodge obstacles, and uncover the mysteries lying deep within the Aacmotzz Research Facility.

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